The Carpenter’s House believes God’s desire is for His children to own land and be debt free.  We offer two key programs for financial breakthrough:   

Financial Peace University Ministry  
We offer classes using Dave Ramsey workbook on how to take control of your finances, pay off credit card debt, save for retirement or your next big purchase, and living and giving like Christ!


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NACA Ministry (Neighbor Assistance Corporation of America) 
We are a national non-profit community advocacy and housing service organization.  Because of the advocacy, NACA can offer you the best mortgage in America with over $10 billon committed to it home ownership.  NACA can be utilized to purchase existing, new construction, single and multi-family home and condo or co-op etc.  The first step in the NACA process is to register and attend a HBW (Home buyer workshop), requiring you to register on  Through the NACA program it’s member can purchase their home with

  • No down payment
  • No closing cost
  • No requirements for prefect credit
  • Below market interest rate